URGENT Message for 8th Grade Parents – Lamar High school Tours November 14, 2018

Attention 8th grade parents. Lamar High School has sent us a time-sensitive message: In order to ensure our focus remains on our students we have decided to cancel Lamar’s tour for prospective students on November 15, 2018. We will resume the normal tour schedule on November 29, 2018. We thank the greater community for their words of encouragement and support.

Calendar changes for this week November 11, 2018

Please note – there will be no Coffee with the Principal or Knit and Crochet club this week due to a district training.

Have a great week!

After3 – Morning/ After school program November 11, 2018

After3 is available before school for families needing students to arrive early or stay late on campus. Please visit HERE for more information.

Reminder for this evening – Brown Baggin’ with Dr. B 5:30-7:30 November 8, 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018- Brown Baggin’ with Dr. B. 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Attendees will choose between a) exploring the use of rubrics to frame teaching and learning or, b) exploring the power of mindset. *Due to a family health emergency that calls her to California, we are rescheduling our narrative writing workshop with Gina Carroll for November 29th.  Please RSVP HERE

Upcoming Calendar Updates November 4, 2018
Calendar Updates for the Week of November 5, 2018 & a Sneak Peek at the Week of November 15th.
  • Monday, November 5, 2018- PTO meeting – 4:30pm
  • Tuesday, November 6, 2018- Coffee with the Principal: IB Diploma Program with Lamar DP Coordinator Robin Bissell. Due to voting, we will be welcoming parents in through the door entering from the administrator parking lot and escorting them up to the lounge
  • Tuesday, November 6, 2018 – Knit & Crochet Club immediately after school until 5:30. Open to parents, teachers, and student. No supplies needed. Please RSVP to Dr. B. (We need accurate emails) Katherine.bradarich@houstonisd.org
  • Thursday, November 8, 2018- Brown Baggin’ with Dr. B. 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Attendees will choose between a) exploring the use of rubrics to frame teaching and learning or, b) exploring the power of mindset. *Due to a family health emergency that calls her to California, we are rescheduling our narrative writing workshop with Gina Carroll for November 29th.  Please RSVP HERE
  •  We would like to hear from you: What would you like to discuss during our Coffee with the Principal on Tuesday, November 13th? Please suggest topics in this FORM.
  • We will not have a Brown Baggin’ with Dr. B. on the 15th
Lanier IB Food Festival – Today’s the day!! November 1, 2018

We hope to see you all at our Fall school-wide fundraiser, the first Lanier IB Food Festival!  The event takes place today Thursday November 1 from 5:00-7:00 pm at the back of the school.  We will have a variety of trucks on campus to choose from and it is a great way to directly contribute to your child’s education.  Lanier Pops will be providing entertainment for the evening. Come share in the community, culture and fun! Read more HERE

Bus Badges November 1, 2018

All Lanier students eligible for HISD bus transportation services will receive their HISD bus badges this Friday, November 2, 2018.  The attached PDF’s contain pertinent info regarding the new program.

HISD Bus Badge FAQ

What is the Student Badge Program? Why was it implemented?
HISD Transportation Services is focused on providing students with safe, reliable and timely transportation to and from school each day. As part of that effort, the department is launching a Student Badge Program, to track accurate ridership and ensure safety. This information is essential to improving bus routing, analyzing bus utilization, and providing accurate ridership data to the state.

How does the Student Badge Program work?
Students will receive personalized bus badges that are similar in size to school identification cards. As they get on and off the bus, students must scan the badges on a badge-reading device installed on the bus. The program tracks when and where students get on and off the bus and alerts parents who sign up for the service with real-time notifications via text or email.

When does the Student Badge Program start?
Badge distribution begins in mid-October. However, actual daily badge use and associated student tracking will be rolled out in phases, starting with about 20 campuses launching as a pilot tracking program at the end of October. As the program is refined and potential unforeseen issues are addressed, additional schools will be added. The rollout will continue until all schools are in the program.

How will I know when my school has been added and my student must begin using a badge?
Parents and students will be notified in advance through HISD’s SchoolMessenger notification system when their school is being added to the program.

How and when will bus badges be distributed?
Badges will be distributed directly to students by school officials at the campus level during the second half of October.

What information will be listed on the student badges?
Each bus badge will list the student’s name and badge identification number as well as the school and school identification number. Bus badges will not replace the student identification badge issued by your student’s school.

Will a bus badge holder be provided?
Yes. Each identification badge will come with a plastic sleeve and lanyard. Students will be able to wear the badge around their necks or attach it to their backpacks.

What if I don’t get a badge?
Badges will be provided to all students who are eligible for transportation. If you do not receive a badge, contact Customer Care at 713-556-9400. They will open a ticket for you and process your request. Please remember: Student will not be prevented from riding the bus if they don’t have a badge. They still will be provided transportation to and from school.

Are badges required for special education routes?
Badges for special education routes are not currently required. They will be added in during a later phase.

How will students be trained on using the badges?
Bus badge use is quick and easy — just scan and go. No activation is needed. However, a 30-second instructional video is available on the district’s Transportation Services website: www.houstonisd.org/transportation.

What if the card gets lost or stolen? Do I have to buy a new one?
The initial bus badge will be issued to students for free. However, students must purchase any replacement cards. Replacement cards can be ordered online at www.houstonisd.org/transportation. The replacement cost is $5 and goes to cover the new badge, sleeve, and lanyard.

What if my students forget their badges? Will they be refused transportation?
No students will be refused transportation because they forgot their badge. However, parents only receive alerts when students scan their badges.

How can I sign up for real-time notifications about my student?
Once your student has been issued a badge, go to www.zpassplus.com, click on the “Sign Up Today” button, and follow the online prompts to create and activate your account. You can select text or email alerts. Remember: Your students must have a badge before you create your account, as the student’s name and badge number are required to set up an account.

Can the Student Badge Program be used to track the bus along its route?
No. The Student Badge Program will alert parents when and where their students get on and off the bus.

Will students be required to scan their bus badge on field trips or for athletic events?
No. Students who are on field trips or attending athletic events will not have to scan bus badges, as not all HISD students will have a bus badge. Badges are only issued to HISD students who are eligible for transportation and will only need to be scanned during the ride to and from school.


Lanier Pre-Designated Safety Assembly November 1, 2018

Dear Lanier Parents,

In the event of an emergency that requires our evacuation, please see the attached document for our pre-designated safety assembly areas.Pre-designated Safety Assembly Areas for Lanier Middle School.pdf

Lanier’s First IB Food Festival FAQs October 28, 2018

When: Thursday, November 1, 5pm-7pm
Where: Lanier Middle School, 2600 Woodhead Street, in the back side of the school (field and bus lane)

We are excited for the first IB Food Fest at Lanier and we hope you and your family will be there to enjoy it with us.  Since this is the very first event of its kind at Lanier, we know you may have questions about this, so we have put together some answers to frequently asked questions we have been getting.

What is the IB Food Fest?
This is an all-school fundraiser for Lanier where local vendors and food trucks will be on campus selling food or promoting their businesses.

Is this a PTO event?
This is the school fundraiser, not conducted by the PTO.  It replaces the Cherrydale fundraiser that Lanier used to take part in. It seemed more community-oriented to come together as a community to eat food from various cultural origins than to ask the kids to sell wrapping paper and cookie dough.

Who can attend the event?
Everyone at Lanier is invited and it is open to the public.  Neighbors, extended family, and past alumni are all welcome to attend.

Do we have to buy tickets?
Tickets are not required.  Admission is free.

If we aren’t selling tickets, how will Lanier make money?
Our sponsors and vendors have agreed to share a portion of proceeds from event food sales or will pay a flat fee for the promotional opportunity they receive through participation.  

How will we pay for food?
You will pay all the food vendors directly.  All of them have the ability to accept credit cards.  The only reason you may want to bring cash is for the iPad raffle (we will be selling raffle tickets for cash only) or for cash donations.

Will there be alcohol served?
HISD regulations prohibit alcohol sales and consumption on school property. We are in Montrose, though, so if you want to wash your tasty food down with an adult beverage, there are several businesses nearby where you can do so.

Can we bring our dog?
Only service animals are allowed on our field.



We are looking for vendors and sponsors to partner with us as we put on our first annual Lanier IB Food Fest!  We are looking for businesses that want to not only support our community but to celebrate all the culture our school and city have to offer.

When: Thursday, November 1st from 5 pm to 7 pm

Where: Lanier Field Space and Gym

Why: Who doesn’t love food that supports our students and school!

Who: contact LMSOutreach@gmail.com for details and with potential partnerships

Read more here – Lanier IB Food Fest Flyer

Information for potential sponsors – Lanier IB Food Fest Sponsor Tiers

Check out our student flyers! – Ms. Camuz’ Food Fest Flyers