What New Teachers are Saying About Innovation at Lanier

Interspersed with details about our plans for innovation at Lanier, I want to be sure our community can hear the voices of our teachers. It is challenging for me to find the words to express my appreciation for the strength of the teaching faculty at Lanier. The dynamic diversity of these leaders of learning matches the dynamic diversity of the students and families we serve, creating the unique learning community that is Lanier Middle School. I hope that you enjoy these voices, and we all look forward to building the relationships that will help each and all of us make our greatest contributions to the learning of your sons and daughters. Please put September 11th on your calendar and come join us in person!

“Lanier’s planned innovation absolutely informed my decision to join the team.  I had two job offers at other schools when I interviewed at Lanier and the choice was easy.  Lanier wants to change the way education has been for so long and these kids need us to be up to date so we can show them how to be life-long learners.  “

“While interviewing, I was impressed with the idea of committing to an innovative team that was driven by preparing our students for a future not mired in anti-growth dogma.  The PD in August was meaningful along these lines because it showed a myriad of different methods to approach assessment and instruction within the classroom that was a lot more relevant for the students and how they learn.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed our August PD!  It was a great way to spark the teachers as a whole and get us talking and doing activities where we learned from each other, from Heidi Jacobs and the Schlechty team. We were free to be open about our ideas and concerns without judgement as new teachers. Coming from the corporate world I loved not being micro-managed in our trainings and having teachers at our school show us how they educate or tips they have learned to help educate. Nothing felt forced or as if I was being told how to teach, it was an open environment so we can provide the best education for our kids.”

“When I thought about the decision to join Lanier’s amazing team, what struck a chord with me the most was the idea of our campus becoming an innovative campus where students will drive their own learning through their own unique path. I believe that the 19th century way of educating is dated in terms of preparing our students for the 21st century world they will eventually have to embark on. I hope that we can be civil and come to an agreement that students should come first and that students should have choice and say as to what works for their learning experience and path. I love this team and this mission that all students can and should learn.”

“I grew up in the public-school system, and while I had a wonderful experience as I got older I realized I was just a compliant student.  I was never pushed to think outside the box or to be creative on an assignment, I just did the work the way I was told to.  The content we teach now may not be totally relevant when these kids get to college and out in the real world but helping them get the tools they need to learn and build their confidence in trying new ways to learn is a life-long gift.”

“The planned innovation was something that I learned about in my interview with the Lanier staff. I loved the fact that the school was looking toward the future of education and trying to move past some of the practices that have been proven to be less than effective for our students. It is true that every student is unique and different but there are some things that just make sense for students in school. I got excited by testing out and improving the education and over all experience of our students.”

“I am very excited about this, it allows us to teach the students where they are in the moment. Making sure that we are covering what we need for them to understand the concepts and adapt to their needs. Sometime you may need a little extra time in understanding the political structure of the US government but since Civil war was partially covered last year in Texas History you may not need as much time. This gives a teacher greater flexibility in ensure your student understands the concepts needed to be successful this year and in the future. It is an exciting time to be at Lanier as we pioneer the way forward for Houston ISD.  “

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