Principal Coffee review

Tuesday (09/25)  was the inaugural “Coffee with the Principal,” that we combined with “Coffee, Tea, and IB.” We apologize for the late announcement, we wanted to seize an opportunity when our schedule shifted just a bit! Thank you to Ms. Kearston Block, from Nothing Bundt Cakes for once again treating us to delicious snacks, and to Ms. Marini for baking for those who are gluten-free! If you have an occasion for yummy cakes, please consider Nothing Bundt Cakes at 5115 Buffalo Speedway, and share a thank you for their support of Lanier.

Now that we are well into the school year , we will be having a weekly “Coffee with the Principal,” starting at 8:45am on Tuesdays. Each week will feature discussion amongst community members about different aspects of school present, and future. I will be inviting other members of our leadership team to join us too. This week, Ms. Rhymes, our wonderful IB Coordinator joined me. We shared a few videos about 21stCentury schooling and IB MYP and utilized a discussion protocol that your students might use in class. The discussion was lively and a great example of what an engaged and dynamic learning community Lanier is. We spoke quite a bit about the use of rubrics as important feedback tools and documentation of student learning, and parents requested an opportunity to take a deeper dive into this essential teaching and learning tool.

Thank you to all who joined us today. We plan to share a similar discussion today for Parent University. Parent University will be preceded by a Magnet Tour from 5:30-6:30. Parent University will begin at 6:30, and go to 8:00. You are welcome to bring dinner and eat while we chat.

Next Week’s Plans

Next Tuesday, October 2nd, “Coffee with the Principal” will feature a deeper dive into rubrics in the classrooms. This can be a rather challenging dialogue for the first time, so we may extend it over the next coffee as well.

Because Thursday, Oct 4this both an 8thgrade Magnet information meeting and a general PTO meeting, and Thursday, Oct 11this the Parent-Teacher social, our first opportunity to eat dinner and chat about school , aka “Brown Baggin’ with Dr. B. will be on October 25th starting at 5:30, and we will be delving into the use of rubrics in the classroom.

Going Forward

It is our plan to have our coffee and dinner educational chats provide flexibility for parents. Because we are concerned about space, we will post a survey to enable parents to RSVP to “Brown Baggin’ with Dr. B.” in order to determine the most appropriate space for the number of participants.

Hopefully by the end of this week, I will be sharing some resources that community members may find of interest to inform our discussions, so please stay tuned to the blog.

Dr. B.

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