Important Notice- Halloween and Dress Code

Halloween: Teachers may be in costume. Students may wear accessories for Halloween. These DO NOT INCLUDE any articles of clothing. Acceptable accessories are: headbands, hats, socks, tights, and jewelry. Nothing may cover the face or take up excessive room. If the accessories become a distraction, it is at the teacher’s or administrator’s discretion to collect these until the end of the day.

Dress Code Re-instated: The SDMC has met and made decisions about dress code for the remainder of this year. We are forming a dress code committee comprised of all constituents to craft a dress code for next year. Please let Dr. B. know if you are interested in being part of this.
We are re-instating our dress code from last year while a new committee is formed across all constituencies to articulate a dress code for the 2019-2020 school year. As skirt length is our primary challenge, it is important to note that skirts (or leggings/shorts if individuals choose these) must not be higher than 3” above the knee. Refer to the student handbook for any other specifics about dress code.

We will begin to enforce on November 1st and 2nd by giving students not in dress code feedback and a reminder that dress code is fully enforced beginning Monday, November 5, 2018, when calls will be made to parents by students choosing to disregard the dress code.

We will communicate this broadly in the following ways:
A broadcast email from Dr B.
Emails from the clusters
On the Lanier, PTO, and cluster websites as well as my blog

Beginning on Monday, November 5, 2018, during SLAB and GSG (first thing each day) students who choose to disregard dress code expectations will use the classroom phone to call a parent to come bring clothing that meets these expectations.
GSG and SLAB teachers will pair up to ensure that in each case a female teacher is available to support girls with issues related to skirts that are not in compliance
For issues of skirts that are shorter than 3”, PTO will provide leggings for any students who are unable to reach a parent. (We need to get those donations)
i. The PTO will be soliciting donations
For issues of shirts that are not in dress code, students will be given a Lanier shirt to wear (We don’t really anticipate this concern, but should it be old spirit shirts? It doesn’t seem wise to give them a non-Lanier shirt)

Tiers of consequences:
For the 1st offense, students will phone parents for support in bringing appropriate attire to school.
i. Students will be in-class while we wait for parents to arrive, as we are committed to students not missing instructional time
ii. If parents are un-reachable or unable to come, students will be given clothing alternative listed above. It is the expectation that they will return these items freshly laundered on the following school day.
For the 2nd offense, students will be joining Dr. B. for lunch detention for two days where we discuss the reasons for dress code, the impact of our choices, what it means to be an IB student, and other interesting topics.
For the 3rd offense, parents will join us in a meeting to plan together how we will move forward to support this student arriving on campus ready to learn and be a contributing member to the Lanier community.

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