The Power of Narrative

Reading is complicated. Comprehension is an interesting mess to try to deconstruct to be able to scaffold others, particularly those whose brains clearly need a different kind of path to get “there.”

When we can “read” the words, what mechanisms help us put them together to make meaning? How does that understanding develop? Once we have “it” can we read anything? Do we develop proficiency with different types of text at different rates?

These were questions I asked myself when I became a Reading Specialist on my way to pursuing my doctorate in curriculum and instruction. It probably doesn’t surprise you that we do tend, I say tend because humans vary, to become strong with reading that has a strong story. Literature and history both feature very strong story lines that carry the reader along because they connect to our lived experience.

Narrative is powerful. It can make us laugh, cry, wonder, dream, learn, and see ourselves within a story in ways that make it ok to be who we are. Story carries us through because humans are all about our stories.

An Upcoming Brown Baggin’ with Dr. B. Event November 8th, from 5:30-8:00: Mini workshop: Telling Stories that Matter. Open to parents, teachers, and students. Please sign up now to reserve your spot by clicking HERE.

Come join us in exploring the power of narrative: Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, said, “In the end, we all become stories.” When we tell our own stories, we are grappling with our past in order to take hold of our future.

Gina Carrol is offering a mini-workshop, Telling the Stories that Matter, for educators and parents. (Students will work separately with Dr. B.) The workshop will explore the power of narrative and how to use the tools of memoir to write and share the stories that matter to you. Why is storytelling an important craft? Why do our stories matter? What seminal life stories would you like to write and share with your children and students?

Writing can be hard. But Gina will help you approach and begin the process of getting your stories down. Once written and shared, your stories will change someone. And that someone is most likely you.

Gina Carroll is an author, speaker, and editor who believes that everyone has a story that matters. In her award-winning book, A Story that Matters, Gina makes a compelling argument for a broader array of authentic voices in the story-sharing universe. In it, she explores the power of storytelling through its ability to heal and connect to others. Also the author of 24 Things You Can Do with Social Media to Help Get into College, she helps students use their social media to share their best stories and show their highest selves online.

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