Lanier’s First IB Food Festival FAQs

When: Thursday, November 1, 5pm-7pm
Where: Lanier Middle School, 2600 Woodhead Street, in the back side of the school (field and bus lane)

We are excited for the first IB Food Fest at Lanier and we hope you and your family will be there to enjoy it with us.  Since this is the very first event of its kind at Lanier, we know you may have questions about this, so we have put together some answers to frequently asked questions we have been getting.

What is the IB Food Fest?
This is an all-school fundraiser for Lanier where local vendors and food trucks will be on campus selling food or promoting their businesses.

Is this a PTO event?
This is the school fundraiser, not conducted by the PTO.  It replaces the Cherrydale fundraiser that Lanier used to take part in. It seemed more community-oriented to come together as a community to eat food from various cultural origins than to ask the kids to sell wrapping paper and cookie dough.

Who can attend the event?
Everyone at Lanier is invited and it is open to the public.  Neighbors, extended family, and past alumni are all welcome to attend.

Do we have to buy tickets?
Tickets are not required.  Admission is free.

If we aren’t selling tickets, how will Lanier make money?
Our sponsors and vendors have agreed to share a portion of proceeds from event food sales or will pay a flat fee for the promotional opportunity they receive through participation.  

How will we pay for food?
You will pay all the food vendors directly.  All of them have the ability to accept credit cards.  The only reason you may want to bring cash is for the iPad raffle (we will be selling raffle tickets for cash only) or for cash donations.

Will there be alcohol served?
HISD regulations prohibit alcohol sales and consumption on school property. We are in Montrose, though, so if you want to wash your tasty food down with an adult beverage, there are several businesses nearby where you can do so.

Can we bring our dog?
Only service animals are allowed on our field.



We are looking for vendors and sponsors to partner with us as we put on our first annual Lanier IB Food Fest!  We are looking for businesses that want to not only support our community but to celebrate all the culture our school and city have to offer.

When: Thursday, November 1st from 5 pm to 7 pm

Where: Lanier Field Space and Gym

Why: Who doesn’t love food that supports our students and school!

Who: contact for details and with potential partnerships

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Check out our student flyers! – Ms. Camuz’ Food Fest Flyers